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Shiner First United Methodist Church

21 Things That Should Change–Which do you Want To Overcome?

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
-Alan W. Watts

April 23, 2015

My car told me its tire pressure was low. Cars do that these days. When I first noticed the indicator light, it was obivous something needed attention, but I wasn’t quite sure what. Once I figured out what I should be looking at, I realized the car only told me half of what I needed to know. Sure, the tire pressure was low, but for which tire?

That proved to be an easy fix. Of course, I had to check all four tires before I found the one my car was telling me about. Sometimes, though, what needs to be changed or what needs to be addressed isn’t always that easy to figure out.

Take church, for example. We know there is much about ministry that has changed. The way we worship is different. Membership expectations are different. The kind of events churches host have changed. Even preaching has changed.

We also know there are things about ministry that still need to change. The hard part for us is figuring out what part of church ministry needs attention.

That’s where you come in.

Our next Administrative Council meeting is scheduled for this Monday at 7:01. I’ve asked the leadership of our church to read an online article entitled 21 Signs Your Church Needs to Change. In addition to the reading, I’ve asked each person to identify the 5 “signs” they feel are related to our church, and anonymously write them on a notecard or slip of paper.

I think it would benefit our church tremendously if you would take the time to do the same. Your input would be valuable for our leaders to have as part of their discussion at this month’s meeting. So, here’s what I would like you to do:

    1. Read the article by following this link: 21 Signs Your Church Needs to Change
    2. Identify the top 5 “signs” you see at our church
    3. Write them on an index card (Please don’t include your name)
    4. Bring the index card to church this Sunday and give them to me. You can also email them to me, and I’ll make sure not to include your name. This will work best if we keep things anonymous.
    5. If you would like, attend our meeting to hear what kind of conversation we have

At the meeting I will collect all the cards and determine which “signs” are most common. Our discussion will have to be centered on what you think about our church. Whether you have been a part of our church for a long time or are still new, the more input we have should create an informative and thought-provoking meeting. It’s obvious things are changing and things still need to change, and we want you to help us determine what God might be calling us to change about ourselves today.

I promise that part of that conversation will be to intentionally ask, “Now that we’ve heard from our church, how are we going to address what needs to change?”

By the way, our worship group is going to be leading a few worship songs before our service begins this Sunday. If you want to sing along, they’re starting around 10:45.

See you Sunday!

Stay blessed…john

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