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Shiner First United Methodist Church

Did you notice something Sunday?

Did you notice anything different about Holy Communion yesterday?

We used a communion practice called intinction. This is when each person dips the bread (body of Christ) into the communion chalice (blood of Christ). Although this is not an uncommon practice at all, it was the first time we have gone about communion this way on Sunday morning for quite some time. Typically, we had been using the small cups of juice for each person.

There were a couple of reasons why we switched this month.

First, there is symbolism in the act. Just as we celebrate the one body (the bread) we also celebrate the one cup (the juice).

Secondly, this is a familiar way of receiving communion throughout the church. It doesn’t mean it is the best or most holiest ways. It’s just a common practice.

Finally, we also considered practical reasons. The cup set we have now only held 80 small cups. As you can tell, we’ve been pushing that number a lot. For example, this past Sunday there were 77 people in church. So, using intinction ensures we have enough communion elements for everyone. It also helps to maintain a flow of worshipers to the table.

If you’re normally here on Sunday mornings, it would have been hard to miss what we did differently. So, what did you think about sharing communion through intinction?

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