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Shiner First United Methodist Church


We'd love to welcome you as a member of our church. Becoming a member is an momentous decision and one that we would celebrate. So, it's important for us to have a time to discuss with you our understanding of what membership entails.

When you become a member of our church, you put your faith in Christ and commit to serve him through the ministries of our church. Every person is asked if they are willing to commit to serve Christ through our church through their:


We need you to join our church in praying. Pray for our mission, pray for those who don't know Christ, pray for our pastor, pray for our ministries, pray, pray, pray.


As a member, it's important to present at our church activities. It's a blessing to worship with you! We love seeing you at our fellowship events. When we work together, our efforts are multiplied. All of our members are an important part of our church.


It's our expectation that members financially support the ministries of our church. Yes, there are bills to be paid, but we're expecting God to open doors to ministry we haven't even dreamed of. Your faithfulness in giving is a part of making that happen.


Our church seeks to reach out to our community and the world in many ways. When we put our faith in action, great things happen. Members ensure we have the force we need to transform the world. Members also help us find new ways to be in service.


Your witness is who you are when you're not in church. Who you are and what you do is a affirmation of what God is doing in your life and what is happening at our church. The witness you give to others is a presentation to them of the power of God in your own life.

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If you're ready to join our church, or still have questions, contact our pastor. He'll visit with you to finalize the plans to welcome you as a member. Usually, our membership ceremony is on the first Sunday of the month so that the first thing our new members do is share in Holy Communion with the church.