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Shiner First United Methodist Church

Men’s Group

The United Methodist Men exists to help men of our church and community learn how to continually model their faith in Christ through service and ongoing spiritual growth.

Throughout the year, our men's group works on community projects, and is always looking for able-bodied men to help us help others. We are also a part of several of our church's outreach events.

We host a men's breakfast every Tuesday morning at 8. All men from the community are invited.


We share breakfast and a time of accountability and prayer. Here is a review of our weekly meeting (imagine the smell of bacon as you read!):

Opening Prayer: Knowing that Jesus Christ died that I may have eternal life, I pledge myself to be his disciple, holding nothing back, but yielding all to the gracious initiatives of the Holy Spirit. I faithfully pledge my time, my skills, my resources and my strength to search out God's will for me and to obey. Amen.

  1. Closest Moment to Christ: At what moment during the week did you feel closest to Christ? When did you experience the presence of Christ?
  2. Call to Discipleship: At what moment during the week did you feel you were responding to God's call to be his disciple?
  3. Discipleship Denied: When was your faith tested this week through failure to respond to promptings of the Holy Spirit?
  4. Review of your covenant
    1. I will worship each Sunday unless prevented.
    2. I will receive the sacrament of Holy Communion at least twice a month.
    3. I will pray each day, privately, and with family or friends.
    4. I will read and study the scriptures each day.
    5. I will prayerfully care for my body and for the world in which I live.
    6. I will share in Christian fellowship each week where I will be accountable for my discipleship.
  5. Your plan: What is your plan for this week so that you might be more faithful to this covenant?
  6. Prayers for special needs
  7. Closing prayer: I hereby make my commitment, trusting in the grace of God to work in me that I might have strength to keep this covenant.


We look forward to serving with you.  Contact our office for more info about upcoming projects and events.